Celebrating ME 🎉 (but you get the present! 🎁)

I have been working on this Ladies Leading Ladies for quite a while now, and specifically made a shift in my time and effort since the beginning of this year. I am so anxious to get more great content out to you all, but also want to make sure you only get the BEST quality. So, I invested in myself and decided to go through Marie Forleo’s B-School and it is the best decision of my LIFE – well besides marrying my husband, I guess 😜.

This weekend I completed B-School! 🎊 I am celebrating big time! Celebrating by updating content, building out my website further, and getting a new opt-in freebie for all of you subscribing to my email list! (Okay, maybe a glass of 🥂 tonight too! ☺️)

When you sign up for my email list, you’ll be signed up to receive weekly MONDAY MAGIC ✨ (weekly leadership tips) and you’ll also get priority registration for any of my events and programs – maybe even some VIP discounts! You’ll also get a freebie, The 12 Resounding Yes’s You Need to Attract & Retain Top Talent! This is a great resource for leaders at any level and even comes with a print-out poster for your office!

I’m so excited to be on this journey with you all to become the best leaders we can be. Sign up for my email list below and you’ll get your free download of The 12 Resounding Yes’s You Need to Attract & Retain Top Talent. Also, leave me a comment about what you want to learn and hear about most!

Talk soon! 👋🏻


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