How to become the leader you always wished you’d had | #MONDAYMAGIC✨

Sorry for the later than normal #MONDAYMAGIC✨ today, but I think you’ll understand why. If you follow me on Instagram, you might’ve seen my story yesterday about working on my online leadership course for y’all and I’m ready to share, drumroll please…..


Over the years of my own leadership journey it’s been trial by fire to say the least. Many companies, especially smaller organizations and businesses, do not spend on professional leadership training. So if I was lucky enough to be “trained” in a new leadership role, it was most often on the technical skills not on how to be an effective leader! As I’ve traveled around the country, I’ve heard much of the same experience.

These experiences have gnawed at me for years, but I wasn’t exactly sure what to do about them. I would take things into my own hands with my teams and share all the leadership training and knowledge I possibly could, but I knew that was just a tiny impact compared to all of the new leaders out there needing this support. How could I spread this knowledge, help people with hands-on actionable learning, and make it accessible even to those leaders who have to invest in themselves??

Enter: THE LEADERSHIP PROJECT. The Leadership Project puts that all into a highly-interactive, 8-week course that will challenge you at every level of leadership – and even better, with LIFETIME ACCESS, you can come back and reset over and over again because leadership is a lifelong practice!

You’ll also be happy to learn that we are giving out one Boss level scholarship for every 10 paid participants in The Leadership Project! This means if we have 100 paid participants, we’ll have 10 scholarships going out to deserving women or if we have 1,000 paid participants we’ll have 100 scholarships going out to these awesome deserving lady bosses! So by joining the program, you’re not only investing in yourself, but helping us to close the gender leadership gap through scholarships to lady bosses who don’t have the means to purchase the program right now!

There are many, many details and for that I’m going to direct you over to The Leadership Project’s main page learn if this program is a fit for you, the details of what the program entails, your commitment, timelines and deadlines, pricing, and FAQs.

So what now?

This week I’m asking you to truly reflect on if you want to be a better leader. I mean REALLY reflect. Sit down and ask yourself some questions – are you happy with your leadership capacity today? Would you promote you? Is your team functioning at their highest level?

If your answers are a wholehearted YES – GO GIRL! However, don’t forget that leadership is a lifelong learning process, and that it is a practiced commitment that has to be honed every single day.

If your answers are anything less than a wholehearted YES, I really encourage you to take a look at The Leadership Project. There are testimonials from folks I’ve worked with in the past and all of them share increased confidence in themselves and their leadership, as well as marked differences in their colleagues and the teams they manage.


This upcoming class is the ONE & ONLY TIME WE WILL DISCOUNT The Leadership Project! This discount is ONLY available to email subscribers, so get on the darn list if you haven’t already! We are discounting the program up to 75% OFF for only the first 50 email subscribers that sign up!! I PROMISE YOU THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN!

Again, if you want to be a better leader – the time is now. THIS IS YOUR SIGN. Don’t miss this opportunity, especially with a discount that will only come around ONCE.

Hope to work with you soon!

Talk soon! 👋🏻