Trying to Live a Healthy Lifestyle? Don’t Forget Your Girl Squad! 👯‍♀️| #MONDAYMAGIC✨

Today, July 30th, is the International Day of Friendship and I want to celebrate! One of my main goals with Ladies Leading Ladies is to create a community of badass female professionals learning together, growing together, and supporting one another. So I decided to dig a little deeper on what our girl squads really mean to our lives and success.

I was not surprised to find that your female friendships actually bring you health benefits! We may all somewhat know that, but it’s important to know that science backs it up. When we feel stress our bodies go into fight or flight mode, releasing hormones like cortisol into the body. When we as women spend time on our female friendships, our bodies release oxytocin and oxytocin mixed with estrogen helps to calm our stress.

This is a uniquely female response. Unfortunately for the men we love, their release of high levels of testosterone during a stress response mutes the incredible effects of oxytocin to calm stress, and therefore it is more likely for them to react in anger. Don’t just take it from me, check out this science here, here, here, and here.

We all know how incredibly stressful the workplace can be, especially as someone in a leadership role. How great that we as women, who nurture our female friendships, are uniquely and naturally equipped to handle this stress best? I for one am EXTRA thankful for my squad today.

In the spirit of the International Day of Friendship and the health benefits of our fabulous girl squads, myself and Kayla Pendleton of Her Space Fresno are announcing our first event, Sipping in Slippers 🥂! Kayla has become such a source of support and friendship for me, and we want to create an environment to foster women empowering other women.


This event is specifically for female professionals to kick of our heels and get real! We’ll have networking (with no small talk allowed), an awesome conversation with Lindsay Callahan, President & CEO of the United Way of Fresno and Madera Counties, and a bite-sized leadership training from yours truly. Oh and of course, champagne to sip on 🥂 and slippers to relax in.

Grab your tickets here quick! We want this to be an intimate event and therefore there are only 50 spots available! They are already going fast, so don’t wait!

BONUS: all attendees will be invited to join a private Facebook group of other Sippers to meet each other before the event, and keep in touch after the event. We are planning to put on this event quarterly (and one day bring it to other communities!), so as we have more events our community of badass professional women will continue to grow! AND 10% of the proceeds will be donated to the United Way of Fresno and Madera Counties!

Before you go, share with us in the comments why your girl squad matters to you — and send this to your girls so they can join you for our first #SippingInSlippers! 🥂👯‍♀️💪🏻

Talk soon 👋🏻