The Power of Community. | #MONDAYMAGIC✨

Gah, today was AMAZING. I specifically held off on today’s #MONDAYMAGIC✨ post to experience this fabulous day filled with inspiring women and bring a tiny bit of it back to you. All thanks to The Women’s Foundation of California, myself and two other alumni from their Women’s Policy Institute were able to put on an Alumni Convening in the Central Valley. We were given free reign (and a nice little budget) to plan a program that our alumni wanted to experience. We were lucky enough to also get to invite non-alumni to our gathering.


This line up was DYNAMITE! Check this out:

Veva, Aileen, and Lindsay shared their journeys with us — the good, the bad, and the ugly. They shared their experiences in the workplace, campaigning, lobbying, and fighting for our communities through an intersectional lens. How they experienced these struggles and successes as women, mothers, people of color, and all of the other layers of their lives. Their honesty, vulnerability and just straight up REALNESS was incredibly moving for all of us blessed to be participating today.



Diana came in and taught us how to become our own rebels. She has jokingly been called the “rebel” in her groups of friends and family because she’s always the one that’s brave enough to say that she doesn’t agree. So instead of feeling bad about that, she found her way to embrace that and use it to her advantage and success. Now she’s teaching the rest of us The Rebel Curve that can propel us to our greatest dreams. And let me tell you, I SO resonated! Having that dip and pushback after the initial excitement of a new idea or venture — and then having to decide if you give up and let the idea die out OR if you’re going to REBEL and take it to the next level of success is HARD and so real for any entrepreneur out there.


Emilie took us through an amazing workshop to Beat Burnout. And this group of women today, oh boy do we GET burnout. Guys, the MARTYR MINDSET and living in this society that has ingrained in us that success only comes from suffering is BULLSHIT! I always feel so blessed to get some of Emilie’s wisdom and she spoke right to us today. We had to ask the tough questions of ourselves, like who is taking care of us when we’re trying to take care of everyone else? And what are our burnout triggers and how do we prepare for them? Are we making fun and fitness as big of a priority as our work — and if we think we are, do we actually schedule them in our calendars like we do business meetings? Reality check for real.


Thank you to all of the beautiful souls that came to participate today, for being vulnerable, for caring about yourself and our communities, and for lifting women up every day.

If you haven’t heard from these amazing women, take the next 30 minutes and give them each at least a 5 minute look up. They have brought me so much LIFE and LOVE.

I’ll leave you with this — Diana shared some points from the book, The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg, and it wasn’t what you would normally think that stuck with her. It was the POWER OF COMMUNITY. Did you know that just by being part of a group or community that believes something is possible makes it much more likely that thing will be possible for you to achieve? Well today I surrounded myself with women who think that women are important, should be sitting at every table where decisions are made, should be heard and believed, and should be taken care of as much as we take care of other. And so do I. That’s the power of community in action.

Talk soon 👋🏻