4 ways to keep your cool at work, because lady-ing is hard. | #MONDAYMAGIC✨

Let’s just say it, lady-ing is hard in general. Last week was a great example for me and if you didn’t catch my midweek meltdown check it out here (trigger warning: domestic violence).

Guess what makes it harder? Those dreaded three letters… PMS. I was actually chatting with my girls this morning on Marco Polo trying to get revved up for the great week ahead of me (side note, if you and your girls don’t have a group Marco Polo thread yet you are missing out on life). But I’m feeling exhausted and needed some inspiration to get moving. I asked my girls, what should this week’s #MONDAYMAGIC✨ be? And my brilliantly girlfriend said, “Ohhh, how about how to handle PMS at work?”. BINGO! I realized, oh duhhh I’m PMSing. UGH. Extra bonus, most of the six of us currently are PMSing — thanks nature.

But great idea right? Thanks girls, always coming to my rescue. So let’s dive in!

First off, PMS is real. Anyone who says it isn’t should jump into a woman’s shoes anywhere from 1-2 weeks before their period starts. It comes out differently for every woman but generally you can expect mood swings, lethargy, back aches, cramps that feel like someone is wringing your uterus out (cause they are), sore ta-tas, anxiety, cravings for carbs and sweets, bloating, oversensitivity, and irritability. Fun times, am I right? (Extra bonus is that it all stops once you start your period, so then you JUST have to deal with bleeding for a weekish. Not annoying at all.)

So add that all on top of just the normal annoyances during your work day and generally we’re all ready to blow our tops. So how do we deal and make sure we don’t slap any of our staff, coworkers or bosses in the meantime? Spoiler alert: I’m not going to tell you to limit caffeine, sweets, carbs, or alcohol like a medical professional might, mostly because I’m not evil. 😁

#1 – Know when it’s coming

Don’t be a do-do and get surprised like me this morning. Cause guess what? I was being extra hard on myself this morning. Pissed off that my pants didn’t fit well and lamenting myself for that piece of pizza last night. Annoyed that my energy was low and calling myself lazy. Well shoot, if I knew I was PMSing maybe I would’ve been a little nicer to myself and accepted my biology. Prepare yourself and be kind to yourself.

#2 – Don’t skip your routines

When you’re PMSing it is SO much more tempting to skip your morning self-care routines. You’re tired, feeling bloated, and want to just stay in bed — I get it. But when you give into that you end up hating the world more than necessary. You end up losing your morning and rushing to throw yourself together so you aren’t late for work. It’s a crap way to start the day.

Instead, wake up and meditate. I personally use Simple Habit because I like the guided positivity meditations so I can keep focused on the positive when my mind really wants to focus on how annoyed I am at being a lady at that moment in time. The 30 Days To Boost Positive Thinking series by Julie Murphy is a really good one for PMS days. Then have your leisurely cup of coffee or tea, get some steps in, watch your favorite morning show, etc. Don’t let the ugliness keep ya down.

#3 – Exercise

Now, you all know I struggle with regular exercise so I’m not one to preach. But what I do know makes a difference is just even getting some extra steps in on these days. So on those PMS days at work, take a couple of extra 10-15 minute breaks to stretch and take a walk. Extra points if you time these walks right around the times you feel like you might throw an F bomb at a staff member. If you are a better exerciser than me, then don’t skip the gym on these weeks. You need the extra serotonin and endorphins from getting that heart rate up!

#4 – Throw a Period Party

No I’m not joking. Me and my girls are synced up, so I’m sure you are synced up with at least one other gal in your squad. Make sure you plan a little wine night or a lunch date, because it’s true that misery does love company. It’s not like you’re doing this every day, so give yourself a break and commiserate on how hard lady-ing can be. Don’t stress yourself out and make it a big to-do, rather get in your yoga pants and choose one of your houses where the men and children are not, and take a couple of hours off. I bet the men and children in your life will actually thank you for it. 😝

Lastly, don’t give up and don’t give in. There are so many misogynistic a-holes out there that will act like you’re incapable because of your lady parts — we all know that’s BULLSHIT. So don’t give in and don’t give them a second to even think that their theories are true. Self-care out of their judgmental gaze and stay as far from them as possible during your PMS time so you don’t have to slap a you-know-what. Rely on your girls, cause we’re the ones that get it and won’t use it against ya.

And on that note, let’s take a moment to marvel at this sister from another mister that just GETS it — and might have got my eyes “sweating” because ya know I’m PMSing.

Be kind to one another — and start planning your attack against your next PMS monster.

Talk soon 👋🏻