You’re Gonna Miss Me When I’m Gone 🙋🏻‍♀️| #MONDAYMAGIC

Happy Monday ladies! My sugar and I spent this past weekend (mostly) unplugged celebrating our first wedding anniversary! ❤️ We went down to The Ranch at Laguna Beach and completely relaxed and reminisced on one of our favorite days ever. Shoutout to The Ranch for the complimentary upgrade, macaroons, wine, and overall amazing service! We’ll be back FOR SURE.


Okay, last week we talked about How to Lose a Top Talent (in 10 days). I hope you took that one to heart, and enjoyed my punny-ness 😜. I also mentioned we’d follow up this week with more on stay interviews. Stay interviews are opportunities to get deep with your teams, much like you do in an exit interview, but without them having to leave your company! Have you tried stay interviews at your company yet? If not your employees might be singing this (extremely catchy) tune…

But seriously now, here are your top takeaways to implementing and making stay interviews work for you.

Ask the right questions

Your stay interviews should be MUCH different than a regular check-in meeting, staff meeting, or one-on-one meeting. A stay interview should be focused specifically on growth, career path planning, and improvements to the company as a whole. It should not be focused on specific projects, task lists, or an evaluation of performance. It also isn’t a time to barter for raises or benefits increases.

Let your team know that you’re interested in learning how you can make the work environment the best it can be and how you all can better retain top talent like themselves. Check out some great stay interview questions here and here.


Don’t waste time on even trying stay interviews if you aren’t ready to follow through on the ideas and feedback you receive from your teams. If you’ve been reading my stuff for a while, you’ve heard this before, but it is truly MUCH more damaging to put on a facade of an open communication loop than just being authentic and not soliciting feedback at all.

NOW, you’re here because you are and want to be a GREAT leader not just a good one or mediocre one, so you’d never do that right?! Good.

Make sure that you keep the stay interview open like a brainstorming session where there are no wrong answers and don’t make any decisions in the moment. Rather schedule time for yourself to synthesize the feedback and research how your company could heed the advice of its top talent. THEN, schedule a follow-up meeting about a week later (or no more than 2) to discuss what you’re doing with their feedback. If you can’t make it happen right now, share why and share thoughts on how you might get there as a company.

Frequency and Consistency

Schedule your stay interviews for every six months at the most and at least once per year with each of your direct reports. Put them on the calendar for the year at the beginning of the year and do everything you can to respect those set times. Rescheduling or canceling these appointments shows your team how much you value this information and will shut the door to a truly open conversation. Showing these small signs of respect to your team makes all the difference, trust me.

So, What Now?

Get those stay interviews scheduled! In the meantime continue building up your relationships with your direct reports so this meeting is open and useful to you both. If there is no trust or respect between the two of you, this will be a waste because your team members won’t know if they can be honest with you and give true feedback. DON’T BE THAT GUY.

Share with us in the comments how it goes! 🗣

Talk soon 👋🏻