2018: Year in Review | #MONDAYMAGIC

Holy moly ladies, this is it… 2018 is OVER! What a freakin year, amirite?! I think it’s incredibly important to spend time reflecting on the year past, to really be able to effectively plan for the year ahead. And if you haven’t caught on, I am the planner extraordinaire!

Today I’m going to share my reflections, but I want you to do the same. Set aside an hour or so to list out all of your accomplishments and/or what made you feel great, then all of your struggles and/or everything that brought you down, and lastly your next steps for the best 2019 possible. Don’t worry, you don’t have to do this alone. Sign up below to get your free download to do your 2018: Year in Review.

My Boss Lady Perspective

Accomplishments & Happiness

Okay let’s start with the good stuff. The year might’ve been rough in a lot of ways, but there is always SO much good to reflect on. And we might have a harder time filling up the positive list vs. the negative list so it’s important that we do this list FIRST. Set that positive tone! (Here’s a hack, check out your calendar and your instagram/facebook to remind yourself of all these great things!) Here are mine:

  • Celebrated our one year wedding anniversary with so much love and some well deserved time off
  • Officially launched Ladies Leading Ladies after having it live in my head for years!
  • Created a website ALL BY MYSELF! Seriously NEVER thought that would be possible
  • Built an email list of amazing women who are also striving to be the best leaders they can be
  • (Almost) Consistently posted a new blog every week
  • Developed, launched, and sold my flagship DREAM program, The Leadership Project
  • Taught myself (with sugarface’s help) to record video and audio and edit it into great interactive videos for The Leadership Project
  • Prioritized my business over everything, knowing that level of sacrifice is temporary
  • Supplied 3 full scholarships for The Leadership Project to amazing women
  • Grew all of my social media followings
  • Participated in 3 different bible studies with my amazing girlfriends, for the first time in my life
  • Made meditation a regular and important part of my life
  • Traveled like a crazy woman! Was able to visit: Sacramento (3), London, Dublin, Kilkenny, Cork, Cobh, Stanford, San Diego, DC, Los Angeles (4), Paso Robles, Portland (3), San Francisco, New York City, Seattle, Atlanta, Laguna Beach, and Pismo Beach
  • Became an Auntie again!
  • Became a Maid of Honor again!
  • Tried and LOVED acupuncture
  • Tried and LOVED cupping and guasha
  • Tried and LOVED floating
  • Planned and executed an amazing WPI Alumni Gathering in Fresno bringing Emilie Aries of Bossed Up to Fresno for the first time!
  • Booked 5 new speaking gigs across the country for 2019 (stay tuned!)
  • Cut my hair off after being unhappy with it for farrrr too long
  • Launched my dream event, Sipping in Slippers, and held two successful SIS in Fresno, with plans to take them on the road in 2019 (stay tuned!)
  • Spent more time than ever with my bestie who lives in another state
  • Starting building out our home office
  • Started transforming our backyard into an oasis
  • Got Christmas cards out even when I resigned to not having enough time
  • Became a coworking member at Her Space and WeWork
  • Finally committed to Leadership Fresno and am having the greatest year as President to the BEST CLASS EVER #leadershipfresnoclass35
  • Raised almost $3,000 for the National Kidney Foundation in Donna’s memory, and over $1,250 for Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Awareness and Education
  • Leaned on my girlfriends daily when I was overwhelmed
  • Scaled back my volunteer commitments
  • Finished several amazing books once I allowed myself to move to Audible
  • FINALLY got my damn piece of paper, my restraining order against my father
  • Last but certainly NOT least, I have successfully transitioned from my full-time job to full-time entrepreneur!!! Today is my official last day at my “9 to 5” and I have some super exciting stuff coming your way as I make Ladies Leading Ladies my number one focus this year!

Stumbles & Pain

Alright, now the not so good stuff. It’s important not to wallow here but rather to be honest and work to learn from our setbacks. Here are mine:

  • Clocked in my 3rd straight year of gaining ~15 lbs per year
  • Got off track with weekly date nights with sugarface
  • Found out which friendships I was carrying on my own after scaling back being the one to always reach out
  • Had to cancel a volunteer trip for an organization I absolutely love
  • Felt heavy guilt around a few friendships that I sacrificed time for the business
  • In the side-hustle grind I turned “rest” into a bad word this year
  • Lived in a state of overwhelm basically the entire year
  • Let travel be an excuse to mess up my healthy routines
  • Procrastinated (as usual) which made the overwhelm grow
  • Probably did not take my dog for a walk even ONCE this year
  • Did not better my horrible habit of being late
  • Flew by the seat of my pants and did not automate anything with the business
  • Missed my momma TERRIBLY
  • Did not save or chip away at my debt nearly as much as I’d planned
  • Didn’t have as much Auntie time as I’d like
  • Lost a family member
  • Let my anxiety take over during the horrific process of getting my damn piece of paper
  • Did not exercise, basically at all (except for step goals… sometimes)
  • Didn’t create enough content, opt-ins, or engage my facebook groups enough
  • Still struggling to get back to my healthy habits and morning rituals after losing them through my hectic fall traveling schedule
  • Missed the opportunity to foster great new relationships with coworkers
  • Not fitting into most of my clothes.. WAHHHH
  • Putting off some self-care as though it is a luxury
  • Missed some birthdays and baby showers out of exhaustion
  • Major fail on my attempt of facebook ads

Moving On Up

Okay, that’s enough. EEKKKKKK, painful! So many great things and so many things that bring me that feeling of shame. But again, this isn’t meant to blow up our heads or to make us want to wallow in failure but rather to be realistic and excited about our next steps. What are our goals based off of the amazing progress we made and the major fails we had? Here are mine:

  • Rebuild my morning rituals (consistent wake time, meditation, bible study, laundry, breakfast, news, exercise)
  • Update and improve The Leadership Project based on the amazing feedback from my first cohort
  • Re-record select videos that have less than fabulous video or audio quality
  • Set up a clear Facebook Group engagement plan
  • Batch my blogging each month to avoid procrastination
  • Plan social media each week to reduce time on apps and increase cohesiveness
  • Learn to market and advertise much better
  • Lead two more cohorts of The Leadership Project in 2019 with increased enrollment each time
  • Book at least 5 more speaking gigs in 2019, for a total of at least 10 gigs
  • Spend at least biweekly quality time with my niece and nephew
  • Prioritize weekly date nights with sugarface
  • Prioritize healthy food and portions
  • Enjoy cooking at home a few times per week
  • Prioritize me time at least once per week
  • Focus my energies on the friendships that have lasted the business transition and give them quality time
  • Visit my momma at least once per quarter
  • Take Sipping in Slippers on the road to all of the speaking gig locations I book
  • Guest post for Forbes, Inc., and/or Fast Company
  • Become a podcast guest at least once
  • Replace my annual salary
  • Enjoy my travel to Italy, Cancun, Portland, Austin, Orlando, and others!
  • Show up at least weekly via video with my awesome communities
  • Walk my dog at least once per week
  • Keep on top of the laundry
  • Turn rest back into a necessary part of every day without guilt
  • Give more scholarships and raise more money for causes I care about
  • Feel sexy and beautiful, where I can love clothes and pictures again!

So, What Now?

That’s a lot but guess what — we can make this manageable. Use my download to reflect and set intentions THEN download Bossed Up’s LifeTracker here to brain dump and break down your goals into monthly and weekly chunks to manage it all. Enjoy this time, give yourself grace, and be honest about your reflections without punishing yourself. Learn and move on to what is going to be our BEST YEAR YET!

January’s #MONDAYMAGIC series will focus on Goals & Accountability all month to help us all move forward! We’ll tackle SMART goals, accountability, habits and rituals for both your work life and home life. ALSO, keep an eye out for more Sipping in Slippers announcements, my new Workshop Menu to bring me to your business, association, or conference, and upcoming speaking engagements to join me at!

So proud of all of you this year, and I’m SO thankful to have this community that only existed in my mind before this incredible year. Comment below 🗣 with one of your accomplishments, one of your stumbles, and one of your next steps for 2019!

Talk soon 👋🏻