The Top 3 Reasons You Need an Accountability Partner | #MONDAYMAGIC

Two weeks in now ladies! I’m feelin 2019. How bout you? Well as usual, let’s continue this January of goals and accountability! Today we’re talking about one of my favorite parts of goal-setting… accountability partners! This is a great way to get accountability for your own next steps, or to set your team up with accountability that doesn’t ALWAYS have to come from you!

#1 – Increase your chances of success up to 95%

First, I want to remind all you skeptics out there that accountability partners do in fact work, it’s proven! This article on shares, “The American Society of Training and Development (ASTD) did a study on accountability and found that you have a 65% probability of completing a goal if you commit to someone. And if you have a specific accountability appointment with a person you’ve committed, you will increase your chance of success by up to 95%.” COME ON! How could you not take that seriously?!

#2 – Cause time is precious, right?

One of the great hacks of goal-setting is to overlap your goals where you can. You know, the whole two birds, one stone idea. If you downloaded the Bossed Up LifeTracker you know the idea. Basically when you’ve listed out your action steps for the month or week to reach your bigger goals, you look for areas that you can overlap or hit two action steps at once. A great example is if you have an action step of hitting the gym at least twice per week and another goal to spend more time with your SO you can plan to go to the gym with your SO! So you’re getting in one of your workouts AND getting more quality time with your boo. Efficient, amirite?! Be diligent about this upfront and that overlap can turn into an accountability partner for a goal (or goals!)

#3 – Learn from the best

Choosing an accountability partner is key to finding success through this strategy, so choose one that helps you learn and grow! If you have a fitness goal, ask your gymrat friend to be your accountability partner on that goal. If you have a travel goal, get with your friend who plans the BEST trips. If you have a goal to increase the success of your team at work, ask a professional mentor to be your accountability partner. When you have an accountability partner that knows more than you do, you can really take advantage of their wisdom. Meet with them and check in with them regularly just to hold one another accountable but make sure you use the time to pick their brain too!

So What Now?

Get out there and get some accountability partners for the goals you’ve set this month/year! Pick someone that you can learn from, is as dedicated to the goal or a similar goal as you, and make sure this is a two-way street (don’t just ask and not provide that same accountability for your partner!). Set a dedicated time each week that you all check in with each other whether it’s a text, email, or you sit down once a week for coffee or a glass of wine. Set it and protect it! And download this easy peasy, free Accountability Partner Pact to set you and your partner(s) up for success!\

Share one of your Accountability Partner Pacts with us in the comments below! 🗣

Talk soon 👋🏻