Why Habits are Crucial to Crushing Goals | #MONDAYMAGIC

Three weeks into 2019, woohoo! It makes me feel like 2018 is finally gone, and I’m good with that. How are your goals and next steps going? Have you done your Year in Review, SMART-ified your goals, and set up your Accountability Pacts? If not, click those links to go back in our January series to get caught up. Each of these weeks supports and complements the others!

To keep your progress rolling, we need to understand why habits are so important to crushing your goals. While creating and nixing habits are hard AF, once a habit is created it becomes second nature where you no longer have to use so much brain power to do these positive things you’ve set out to accomplish. And now three weeks in, we’re at a great time to be really intentional about some of the good habits you’re establishing.

Now take it from the experts

First, you’ve heard me talk about this before but it’s worth repeating. You NEED to listen to (or read) Gretchen Rubin’s book on habits called “Better Than Before”. It can be dry at times but the data and information about understanding, creating, and retaining your good habits is unrivaled. Whether you listen to it (or read it) or not, take her quiz on “The Four Tendencies” here. These tendencies tell you SO much about your style of habit forming and motivation to set those good habits. I’m personally an obliger so it is SO important for me to have accountability partners and outside accountability to motivate my habits. Hence why last week is my favorite part of goal-setting!

Next, check out this awesome article on Forbes.com titled 15 Proven Strategies For Building And Dropping Habits. This article has 15 actionable strategies for building habits that are crucial in your leadership, and its written by the Forbes Coaching Council made up of top business and career experts!

So, What Now?

Complete The Four Tendencies Quiz here and share your dominant tendency in the comments below! 🗣

Talk soon 👋🏻