These Two Routines Will Up Your Leadership Game ASAP | #MONDAYMAGIC

For the years that I’ve been consuming everything leadership and management and there has been something that is consistent with ALL of the leaders I admire… ROUTINE. Each of my favorite leaders have a morning ritual and an evening ritual. Sure it might not happen every single day, but most days it does and they don’t let travel or flexible schedules screw it up. This is one of my biggest struggles and my biggest goals as I’ve seen the incredible benefits when I’ve stuck to my routines and rituals.

Take it from the experts

Check out some great info and benefits of routines and rituals on here and here, and at here and here. They all include some important common themes; getting enough sleep, waking at the same time each day, getting moving, being mindful and positive, eating well, knocking out the hardest parts of your to-do list first, and avoiding screen-time.

My Routines

Morning Routine

7:00am: Wake up

7:05am: Meditate with Simple Habit

7:15am: Journal or read devotional (I love She Reads Truth)

7:30am: Cycling

8:00am: Change the laundry

8:15am: Have breakfast and tea while getting my daily dose of Hoda & Savannah

8:45am: Get ready for the day

9:30am: Start workday

Of course, this can shift depending on the needs of the day but I try to keep it consistent. That means I avoid meetings until after 9:30am and if I have to attend meetings earlier I ensure they include breakfast. If I have early travel or something that really messes up my schedule then I try my best not to wake up more than an hour before my normal time and move my cycling and laundry time to the evening or when I return home.

I am NOT perfect and honestly this is the area that I struggle with the most. I like to wake up slow and am totally susceptible to social media scrolling in bed for FAR too long in the mornings.

Evening Routine

9:00pm: Skincare routine

9:15pm: Set alarm and leave phone on the charger in the bathroom

9:15pm: Set up diffuser

9:20pm: In bed and journal about anything plaguing my mind (maybe my to-do list for tomorrow)

9:30pm: Read for pleasure or watch an episode of Friends/Parks and Rec/The Office with sugarface

10:00pm: Fall asleep

Same with this, if I have a late night meeting or night with friends/family I skip my reading/watching Netflix time to try and get to bed on time. I try to keep my sleep time within one hour of 10pm to keep my consistency and track my sleep on my Fitbit. By going to sleep at 10pm and waking up at 7am I consistently get about 7.5 hours of sleep per night. When I get off track for whatever reason it takes DAYS to get back on track, so I try hard to protect this time.

*Extra hack – set all of these times as alarms (with a pleasant tone) in your phone to keep you on track each morning!

So what now?

It’s time to set up your own routines! Download this free Routine Creator from yours truly and get to it! When you’re done post it in the comments to share with us! 🗣

Talk soon 👋🏻