Screening Tools That Will Save You Time AND Get You the Right Candidates

Happy Monday! July is all about our Hiring 101 series. Last week we talked about writing job descriptions that’ll attract top talent, and this week we’re going to highlight a few screening tools you can utilize to save time and find your ideal candidate.

Now as I’m sure you’re more than aware, hiring is a HUGE time-suck! Getting the right job description, keeping the job open for a little bit, screening 102573298532 candidates that apply, interviewing your top candidates, assessing those folks, making offers, going through background checks and reference checks and then hopefully finally getting someone into the position… and then hoping they are actually the right fit. I’m exhausted just thinking about it.


So it’s time to pay attention to some small hacks that we can work into our screening process to save time and weed out the candidates that are not the right fit upfront. No reason to waste time! (PS – this isn’t a sponsored post, I wish, but rather tools I’ve actually utilized in my own hiring processes over the years).

Personally, I’m a huge fan of using Indeed for hiring. Even if you post the job posting on your own website, social media, LinkedIn, newsletters, etc. direct them back to Indeed to apply so you can keep your applications organized – Indeed makes this so EASY! And guess what, it’s free? As I was working in the nonprofit world this was SO important because we didn’t have the budget for recruiting. Create your free account, head to the Employers/Post Job tab, and follow the easy instructions to get your post set up.

In the process of posting here are the few tools I encourage you to tap upfront:

Screening Questions

In this section of Indeed, you have the option to add as many screening questions as you’d like. If you have required experience, degrees, location, language, shift/schedules, hours, travel needs, etc. that are tied to the job, PUT THEM IN HERE NOW.

Put the requirements into screening questions and click the “Required” button. What happens is that all applicants will be required to answer yes or no to these requirements, which in the screening process allows you to screen out everyone who doesn’t meet those minimum requirements so you don’t waste your time trying to figure it out. You can then select the option to tell Indeed to only notify you of applicants that meet all required criteria (don’t worry you’ll still have access to their applications).


You can also add preferred qualifications in so you can then filter your applications by preference but not requirements. USE THIS, it will save you HOURS!

Automated Assessments

There are over 20 automated assessments that Indeed already has created and available for your use! I ALWAYS use the Phone Screen assessment. I do this for two main reasons. First, to pre-screen candidates and their skills to save me time and second, to ensure they’re interested enough in the job to take the time to do the assessment. If they won’t take these extra few minutes, I’m dodging a bullet with the wrong hire.


There are additional assessments that can quickly test Microsoft Office skills, personality types, customer service, scheduling, data entry, critical thinking, social media, leadership and MUCH more. Pick the one that makes the most sense for your hiring goals and watch the responses roll in. Even cooler – they score each of the responses for you as well! How is this possibly free???

Quick Tip: once you’ve confirmed your posting Indeed will ask you for a daily budget to promote the job posting. Just click “don’t optimize my job” at the bottom and you won’t be charged a dime. If you want to put a daily budget for promotion, enter whatever budget you’re comfortable with and move on.

Update Your Company Page

Take the extra 10 minutes and update your company page. Again as we learned last week talking about job descriptions, you want to do everything in your power to attract the right candidates – and sharing more about your company, your values, your work environment, etc. will do just that.

Utilize the Candidate Screening Dashboard

Now you’ll have access to a dashboard of your jobs and candidates. Utilize the filters to screen applicants as they come in, mark applications as reviewed, send emails through the system (that are already set up for you!) to reject candidates or remind them to complete an assessment to be considered, and invite candidates for interviews.

You can also use this platform to request additional information of your candidates, save email templates, and be able to see when candidates are applying for multiple of your jobs or applying for a job each time it comes available. It’s absolutely fantastic!

Bonus: on the Jobs tab in your Employer account you have quick links and buttons to advertise the job posting on your social media accounts!

Mass Hiring Decision Messages

Once you’ve hired the right person (and they’ve accepted) you can go to the Jobs tab of your Employer account and change the job posting status to Closed. When you do that you get an immediate pop-up asking if you’d like to compose a rejection message to all of the candidates that you did not mark as “hired”. I always use this, it save SO much time!


So, What Now?

GO USE IT! I’m not kidding, if you’re not utilizing this free tool you are missing out! Let me know how much time you save and how much more organized you are in your hiring after you put these tips into place. Also, share in the comments some of your favorite time-saving hacks in the hiring process! And make sure to come back next week when we focus on interviewing well!

Talk soon,