How to Crush Your New Year’s Resolution, Even in December

Maybe you’re one of those New Year’s Resolution haters, or maybe you’re like me and love any reason for goal-setting. Either way, I need you to realize it’s never too late to crush your goals. So if you gave up on your New Year’s Resolution many moons ago – don’t be discouraged because WE CAN DO THIS.

Reassess Your Goal

First off, goals are not written in stone. We learn, we evolve, our demanding schedules change – basically LIFE HAPPENS. I want you to take a look at your goal (or goals) that you’ve given up on and reassess. Did you give up because your goals were unrealistic or overwhelming? Did you give up because another goal became more important? Choose what goal you’ll focus on this month (or goals – but no more than 3) and make it SMART – more on that here. Yes, goals should be ambitious but they MUST be realistic – progress begets progress my friends!


Did you know that you instantly become 42% more likely to reach your goals simply by writing them down?? I’m dead serious. So write those goals down – LIKE NOW! 🙂 Write down your goals and then start to parse them out into actionable steps. Every goal that we have has many steps we have to take to complete the full goal, so really sit and brainstorm all of the little steps it will take to get you there.

For example, when I set a goal to lose weight there were SO many action steps. First, I needed to make my goal SMART. Then I needed to ensure I had a scale that I could weigh regularly on. I needed to weight myself to set a baseline. I needed to research how I wanted to change my eating habits and pick a way of eating. Then I needed to meal plan and grocery shop. Then I needed to cook. Then I needed to remind myself to take my food with me to work. Then I needed to decide what exercise routine I was going to commit to. Then I needed to schedule those exercise times in my calendar…. AND ON AND ON.

This may sound overwhelming, but every single little thing was written down and checked off as I completed them. I was realistic with how many things I could get done in a day, week or month and knew I couldn’t do all of these things at once. But each time I checked one thing off the list I felt accomplished and more excited to get to the next step.

Put Your Action Steps On the Calendar

Now like I said above, you generally are not going to be able to do ALL of your action steps at once. You need to look at all of your action steps and schedule them out, being realistic with how much can get done each day. If you have a full day of work and then dance class for your daughter after work and you are responsible for dinner that night because your partner is out of town on business, don’t schedule action steps on that day. Be realistic and don’t overwhelm yourself! And when I say schedule it on the calendar, I really mean it. Pick the time you’re going to do it, how much time you have to dedicate to the action step, and where you’re going to complete the action step. Trust me, it makes a difference.

Get an Accountability Partner

Studies show that when you commit to someone else that you will complete a goal your odds of completing the goal go up to 65% – and if you actually make an appointment with that accountability partner your odds can shoot up to 95% probability! COME ON. How can you not take advantage of those odds?

But here’s the deal – you’ve got to pick the right accountability partner. First, you’ve got to pick someone who is great at the goal you’re trying to accomplish. So this was always my mistake in the past. I’d pick someone who was right at the beginning of their weight loss or health journey as my accountability partner, meaning neither of us knew what the hell we were doing and we were more likely to enable each other to cheat.

Second, you need to pick someone who is actually going to feel comfortable holding you accountable. Mistake number two I’ve made in the past, I’d pick my mom or husband who just love me too much to be harsh with me when I need it.

And lastly, make sure you decide on your consequences BEFORE you start holding one another accountable. That way you’ve agreed and you’ve picked something that will actually motivate you to stay on track.

So, What Now?

First, download our free Accountability Partner Pact here! This will help you and your accountability partner to get specific and make this a successful partnership. Second, share with us here in the comments, or on our social media, what goal you’re taking on before we close out this amazing year (AND DECADE)!

Talk soon,