How to Make Work/Life Integration Work for You

Now that we really understand the difference between balance vs. integration, let’s talk about how you can get to a more integrated state in your own life.

Set SMART Goals for Work and Home

When you’re getting into a more integrated life, you have to set SMART goals in all areas of your life. You can’t just set goals at work and then just fly by the seat of your pants at home – you’ll be way out of whack.

My favorite tool to integrate your goal setting across your whole life is the Bossed Up Life Tracker. This tool helps you to set a goal each month along with three action steps for the areas of Work, Relationships, Health, and a category to pick for yourself (mine is usually around finances!). The format was created based on research around effective goal-setting. It’s the best!

You can get the monthly Life Tracker download for free here, or you can buy their Life Tracker Planner here. I SWEAR by the Life Tracker Planner and have been using it consistently for the past 2 years now – MAJOR RESULTS AND LIFE CHANGES.

(PS – brush up on your SMART goals here.)

Give Yourself an Edge on Your Goals

If you read a few posts ago, you know there are several things you can do to up the odds of you reaching your goals. First, make sure they’re SMART. Second, WRITE THEM DOWN. Third, schedule them into your calendar with a time and location. And finally, get an accountability partner! Brush up on all of these strategies here.

Schedule Fun

To have an integrated life, you’ve really got to schedule your fun like you would a meeting at the office. It needs to be planned, scheduled, the right people invited, and respected like you would a meeting with your boss. It’s so easy for us to lose any semblance of integration when we aren’t planning and prioritizing regular life events.

If one of your goals is to volunteer in your kid’s classroom once per quarter – PUT IT ON THE CALENDAR. If you want to have more romance with your partner – schedule weekly date nights and stick to them. If you’re wanting to create a meditation habit – block the time when it works each day and set a reminder. For me, if it’s not on the calendar, it’s probably not happening.

Sundays are for Scheduling

This kind of intentionality around an integrated life needs focus. I sit down every Sunday and fill out my Life Tracker Planner for the upcoming week. I look back at my monthly goals and make sure I work in action steps to move me closer to those goals, along with all of the meetings and appointments on my schedule already. I work in my time at OrangeTheory (yep, I’m obsessed!), I schedule a date with my husband, time to blog and engage on LLL’s social media, and figure out the nights I’m staying late at work if I need to that week.

Sunday mornings are perfect for me. I wake up, put on my snuggly robe and slippers, turn on the weekend morning news, make some tea and sit at my kitchen table prepping for the week. It’s my nerdy little heaven.

Now you might be different – so if you’re a night owl, or are worried about getting the Sunday Scaries, pick the time, day, and place that works for you to be in your best frame of mind to set up your week. It really doesn’t take more than about 30 minutes per week and it makes all the difference.

So, What Now?

Download your free Life Tracker and share your December goals in the comments below! Or better yet – upload a picture of your completed Life Tracker on Instagram and tag us, @ladies_leading_ladies!

Talk soon,