5 Hiring Mistakes Almost Everyone Makes | #MONDAYMAGIC✨

Happy Monday ladies! How was your weekend? I just got home from a week and a half in Portland and Seattle for a mix of work and play. And I got quality time with my beautiful momma and bestie! Those two make my world so much better. PSA: call your mom and/or bestie ASAP. Your … Continue reading 5 Hiring Mistakes Almost Everyone Makes | #MONDAYMAGIC✨


Did y'all make it through last week? I'll be honest, I barely did without losing it. I have actually spent hours today trying to think of a different topic for this week's #MONDAYMAGIC✨ but I just couldn't focus anywhere else. It was a horrible week for survivors, and supporters of survivors, but personally I refuse … Continue reading #NowWhat? | #MONDAYMAGIC✨

The Power of Community. | #MONDAYMAGIC✨

Gah, today was AMAZING. I specifically held off on today's #MONDAYMAGIC✨ post to experience this fabulous day filled with inspiring women and bring a tiny bit of it back to you. All thanks to The Women's Foundation of California, myself and two other alumni from their Women's Policy Institute were able to put on an … Continue reading The Power of Community. | #MONDAYMAGIC✨

Time is Running Out! | #MONDAYMAGIC✨

Yesterday my group of amazing ladies in The Leadership Project received their first bonus, our pre-course Finding Your Right Fit! The last day to get registered is Friday, what are you waiting for?? If you're still on the fence, click here and set up a quick call with me for this week to get your … Continue reading Time is Running Out! | #MONDAYMAGIC✨

Self-Image is Crucial. | #MONDAYMAGIC✨

Happy Monday ladies! I read an article on Friday that has just stuck with me that I have to share with y'all. Rebecca Angus Smith writes it so well that I'm going to keep my own words to a minimum, because her impact is right on. Here is the link to the original article on … Continue reading Self-Image is Crucial. | #MONDAYMAGIC✨

Collaboration Over Competition. | #MONDAYMAGIC✨

Last week was just chock-full of amazing collaboration in my world. It reminded me how important that collaboration is, even in a competitive world. It reminded me that we live in a world of abundance, but are trained in a scarcity mindset, especially as women. Let's explore this together. My LadyBoss Perspective As an entrepreneur, … Continue reading Collaboration Over Competition. | #MONDAYMAGIC✨


Happy Monday y'all! I want to start this week thinking abut how we are investing in ourselves. Yes, it's wonderful when someone else invests in you, but unfortunately that's not always how it happens. I know for myself I've been blessed enough for my employers to cover some conferences for me, but outside of that... … Continue reading Invest in YOURSELF. | #MONDAYMAGIC

Ladies, the fight is not over. | #MONDAYMAGIC✨

I've been really processing my thoughts for today's #MONDAYMAGIC✨, and know that this one could be more controversial than before. There are two main issues plaguing me recently; the buzz and trend of failure, and that equality has not yet been reached for women as a whole. There are several things that have sparked this … Continue reading Ladies, the fight is not over. | #MONDAYMAGIC✨

Trying to Live a Healthy Lifestyle? Don’t Forget Your Girl Squad! 👯‍♀️| #MONDAYMAGIC✨

Today, July 30th, is the International Day of Friendship and I want to celebrate! One of my main goals with Ladies Leading Ladies is to create a community of badass female professionals learning together, growing together, and supporting one another. So I decided to dig a little deeper on what our girl squads really mean … Continue reading Trying to Live a Healthy Lifestyle? Don’t Forget Your Girl Squad! 👯‍♀️| #MONDAYMAGIC✨