Our Story

My mom has been my first and best teacher, as well as my first and best client. She has faced so much adversity in her life, survived many different kinds of abuse, and continues to fight for optimism and success every day of her life. Despite being put down and controlled throughout her life and relationships, she knows that she deserves happiness, she is worthy, and that she is a leader. With that, she has always shown me that I am worthy, intelligent, and meant to be someone as well – and I realized at a very young age that this isn’t what all young girls had instilled in them. Those young girls turn into women, and as women we have a hard enough time trying to forge ahead as leaders that often this internal lack of confidence and dialogue hold us back even more. 

As I jumped into areas I felt passionate about, which all focused around helping others, I quickly moved up the ranks into management and started seeing this in action. I had intelligent, hard-working, passionate, selfless women working with me, for me, and around me who did not realize their own strengths and talent. They should’ve been running the show, should’ve been getting paid MUCH MORE, and should’ve been moving up the ranks quickly as well. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. I often had to beg these female professionals to put their hats in the ring for promotions and raises, and they would always come back to me with a lack of confidence sharing that they just needed more time and experience before they should move up, etc. I did not have this problem with the male professionals working with me, for me, and around me. Not whatsoever. 

While I’ve pushed and mentored the women within my sphere of influence in my professional and personal life, I realized that is not enough. I need to take my skills and passion for developing, motivating, and supporting leaders, especially female leaders, to the next level. That is where Ladies Leading Ladies has blossomed from. I’ve provided so much training, mentoring, speaking, coaching, and consulting through my traditional 8-5 roles and instead am taking this to a larger audience as a solopreneur. While my focus and passion is with developing female leaders and increasing the number and capacity of female leaders in every area of the world, my teachings can easily apply to both genders. If you’re looking to develop new or existing leaders and managers, help your teams to work more effectively and efficiently together, and increase the diversity and engagement of your workforce — I’m your Leading Lady.