Why Habits are Crucial to Crushing Goals | #MONDAYMAGIC

Three weeks into 2019, woohoo! It makes me feel like 2018 is finally gone, and I'm good with that. How are your goals and next steps going? Have you done your Year in Review, SMART-ified your goals, and set up your Accountability Pacts? If not, click those links to go back in our January series … Continue reading Why Habits are Crucial to Crushing Goals | #MONDAYMAGIC

The Top 3 Reasons You Need an Accountability Partner | #MONDAYMAGIC

Two weeks in now ladies! I'm feelin 2019. How bout you? Well as usual, let's continue this January of goals and accountability! Today we're talking about one of my favorite parts of goal-setting... accountability partners! This is a great way to get accountability for your own next steps, or to set your team up with … Continue reading The Top 3 Reasons You Need an Accountability Partner | #MONDAYMAGIC


We're one week into this new year y'all! How are those next steps going from your Year in Review last week? (Click here if you haven't done it yet!) I hope they're going amazing! I'm killing it... MOSTLY. Let's follow each other on Instagram and hold each other accountable, yes? Alright in January's theme of … Continue reading Are Your Goals SMART? | #MONDAYMAGIC

2018: Year in Review | #MONDAYMAGIC

Holy moly ladies, this is it... 2018 is OVER! What a freakin year, amirite?! I think it's incredibly important to spend time reflecting on the year past, to really be able to effectively plan for the year ahead. And if you haven't caught on, I am the planner extraordinaire! Today I'm going to share my … Continue reading 2018: Year in Review | #MONDAYMAGIC