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Customized, private services are available to companies looking to develop their teams and their leaders. The following is a list of potential training and speaking topics but is not exhaustive. If you have something else in mind, don’t be afraid to ask!

Nikki can work with you individually to assess your company’s needs and work up a personalized proposal to maximize your training experience.

Becoming a Leader

Training and topics in this area are perfect for your potential leaders, or any leaders who are looking for a reset.  It’s important during this time that we define a leader’s “why” and we set foundations in a growth mindset vs. a fixed mindset.

We can work on soft skills, communication skills, confidence, maximizing strengths, minimizing weaknesses, continuing education, and more.

Being a Leader

This area is focused on your first-time managers and new leaders, or any of your leadership that need to bolster their foundations of trust and engagement. This is an integral time for leaders to set their structure, style, and build trust and motivation with their teams.

We can focus on public speaking skills, conflict resolution, facilitating meetings, goal-setting, providing accountability, working with individuals, employee engagement, getting out of the day-to-day, capacity building, setting clear expectations, leading with authenticity, measuring success, working with millennials, appreciation and team building that works, and more.

Growing Leaders

Growing leaders and the topics involved are meant for your senior leadership. Moving from the an entry-level manager to a senior leader can be a hard shift for some. Each time we move up the ladder, there are new skills and new focuses to be honed.

We can work together on how to build and design teams, including hiring and recruiting right, setting vision, ongoing education, investing in your teams, negotiation, disciplinary action, setting policy and procedures, motivating your team members, crafting career plans with your team, managing up, open door policies that work, effective evaluations, providing benefits that matter, leading from a place of abundance, strengths-based leadership, measuring success without micromanaging, and more.

Setting a Leadership Culture

The transition to becoming an Executive leader is incredibly difficult. Priorities shift from day-to-day operations to being the face of your organization and from measurement to high-level strategic planning. An Executive’s role is firmly rooted in setting the culture of their organization.

Working with your Executive team we can focus on building strategic partnerships, keeping your actions rooted in your “why”, becoming a superstar and an expert in your industry, interacting with the media, building an audience, taking positions for your organization, board relations, succession planning, delegating well, influencing with integrity, building and maintaining a supportive culture, and more.

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