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Employee Engagement, Management & Leadership Development, Employee Retention:

Becoming the Leader You Always Wished You’d Had: Humanizing Management

Have you ever had that leader that you just could NOT believe was promoted to a leadership role? Every time they called a meeting there was a collective groan across the office? Been there. The worst part was seeing this person drain the creativity and passion from each talented person on their team, until inevitably the talent left. In this workshop, we’re going to do the nitty-gritty work on how YOU can be the leader you always wished you’d had, in turn ensuring your workplace never has THAT draining leader. We’ll work on communicating effectively, setting clear expectations, motivating others, and building the right team culture.

Key Takeaways:

  1. How to rock your #1 job as a manager: coaching and developing your team
  2. The research-based practices necessary to consistently up your employee engagement
  3. How to balance accountability and team appreciation

How Do I Work with Millennials? Attracting and Retaining the Next Generation

Leaders and managers are facing many struggles attracting, retaining, and working effectively with the Millennial workforce. Millennials have shorter tenures in positions, expectations of work-life balance, and a need for purpose-driven work. No longer are the days of employees who just get the work done solely out of a deeply ingrained work ethic, but in exchange you can reap the rewards of an incredibly innovative, intelligent and passionate working generation. In this session Nikki breaks down the values of this generation and leaves you with tools and templates to better engage and retain your Millennial workforce for the long-term. This likely includes a shift in leadership practices, but one that is much simpler than you may expect.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Learn the values of this generation and how to use them to your company’s advantage
  2. Providing pay and benefits that communicate value to Millennials without breaking the bank
  3. Where to find talented millennials and how to keep them from following the next shiny thing

Manage by Motivation, NEVER Intimidation: Why Fear and Insecurity Do Not Fuel Results

We see it in movies, we see it in memes, and unfortunately, we STILL see it in our workplaces – the manager who yells, threatens, and makes sure everyone knows how lucky they are to have a job and how quickly they can be replaced. These managers and leaders truly believe this is the only way to effectively run a business, but they are SO wrong. These managers and leaders have much higher turnover rates and their employee engagement and morale is in the dumps. In this session Nikki breaks down the science behind motivation vs. intimidation and how to use motivation in your teams to significantly increase your team’s engagement and success.

Key Takeaways:

  1. How and why management by intimidation blows up in your face
  2. Using motivation appropriately and effectively
  3. How to maximize your success through individualized and supportive management

Goals & Accountability, You Can’t Have One Without the Other: How the Supportive Leader Turns Goals into Results

At the end of the day, what does every leader want? RESULTS. Unfortunately, results can be VERY difficult to come by especially without clear planning, expectations, and systems to uphold those standards. As a leader it’s easy to get lost in the grind of the 10,000 things to do each day and this session is going to help you cut through the muck and get clear and focused on those goals. In this session Nikki will share systems and infrastructure you can implement immediately with your teams to increase those results AND how to hold your team accountable without being the “bad-guy”.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Goal-setting systems and infrastructure to ensure success
  2. Holding your team accountable without alienating them
  3. Using progress to beget more progress

Leading Like a Lady: Changing the Game through Supportive Leadership

While women still only make up about one in five C-Suite leaders, the top traits and practices of effective leaders are stereotypically “feminine”. Actually, Gallup research shows that employees who work for a female manager are six percentage points more engaged, on average, than those who work for a male manager. The great news is that while these traits are more socialized and inherent in women, they are traits and strategies that can be learned and practiced by anyone! In this session Nikki shares how anyone and everyone can and should utilize the top practices of engaging leaders and leaves audiences with actionable items to implement immediately to increase your team’s engagement.

Key Takeaways:

  1. How to use the top practices and traits of engaging leaders to send your employee retention through the roof
  2. Learn to course-correct and prevent problems without working 24/7
  3. How to effectively toe the line between being friends vs. being friendly with your teams and why that is so important

Diversity & Inclusion:

Why Can’t We Be Friends? Management for the Intersectional Workplace

Our workplaces are filled with individuals who all have unique experiences, backgrounds, strengths, and stories. Unfortunately, many companies are scared of these differences and tip-toe around them instead of tapping into the wealth of strength that comes from a diverse workforce. In this session Nikki breaks down what intersectionality really is and why it is an asset in your workplace, and how to increase your success by diving into the strength of diversity.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Why an intersectional workplace is an asset and how to utilize that asset
  2. Learn to manage effectively across generations, genders, and cultural diversity
  3. How to bring your diversity and inclusion efforts into the 21stcentury

Balance is Bullsh*t: Thriving as a Woman in Leadership

Okay, am I the only one that is tired of hearing how we as women can, “have it all”? What does that even mean? We as women are still clawing our ways to the top, only representing 5% of Fortune 500 CEOs and making on average just 66% of what a white male earns. On top of that, women are shown to be doing 2.6 times more unpaid emotional labor than men outside of work. And yet, we keep hearing about this unreachable ideal of work-life balance. Well guess what? It doesn’t exist! BUT, we can still thrive as female leaders. In this session Nikki breaks down the barriers that gender bias and emotional labor play in our work and home lives – and how we can flip that script.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Why the idea of “having it all” is holding you back
  2. Taking care of yourself without feeling (or being) selfish
  3. Using your femininity to catapult your success inside and outside the office

Personal Development and Self-Care:

You Can’t Pour From an Empty Cup: What it Takes to Be an Effective Leader

It might sound cliché, but it is absolutely true. In a time where the “self-care” market has blown up with fancy spa treatments and retreats, it can be overwhelming to really understand what self-care is and is NOT and why it is incredibly important to your success as a leader. In this session Nikki shares the science behind mindfulness and self-care’s benefits for leaders and takes the audience through reflective practices to rejuvenate yourself on the regular. Trust me, your team is going to THANK YOU!

Key Takeaways:

  1. The importance (and science) of self-care for leaders and managers
  2. How to increase your mindfulness even if that word makes your skin crawl
  3. Actionable ways to incorporate wellness into your workplace

You Don’t Need to Be “Ready” to Be Successful: Why Authentic Leadership is Key

The number one excuse I hear from potential leaders as to why they aren’t moving up the ladder is, “I’m not ready”. I call BS! Of the hundreds of people I’ve heard this from, they spanned all ages, all different levels of experience, different educations, etc. but it always came back to that feeling of not being “ready”. Guess what? There is no “ready”! Leaders are lifelong learners and know that they can learn anything if they set their minds to it. In this session Nikki breaks down those mental barriers of “readiness” and helps even the most nervous of us to move into action!

Key Takeaways:

  1. Why “fake it til you make it” is a key to success
  2. Learn how to break down your mental barriers to moving up the ladder
  3. Ways to become a better risk-taker without having an anxiety attack


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